Configuring Last PM Data

Last PM Data (also referred to as Last Performed) establishes the baseline for PM Schedule Template services.  This is the date and/or meter reading at which each service on the PM Schedule Template was last performed.  Fleet Maintenance Pro uses this data to determine when the Next Due service should arise.

Last PM values must be updated in the following circumstances:

1) Adding new equipment,

2) Changing an asset's PM Schedule Template, or

3) Adding new services to an existing PM Schedule Template - all assigned equipment will need to be updated in this case.

The program maintains and updates this data automatically as you record maintenance (Standard / Deluxe) or complete work orders (Shop), thus manual adjustment should only be necessary in the scenarios outlined above, or in the event of data entry error.

You can modify Last PM data via the Task Setup screen. This screen will display automatically after saving new equipment that is assigned to a PM Schedule Template. To access the Last Performed data via the Equipment Management screen, click on the Actions button and choose Task Setup.

On the Tasks screen, in the Preventive Maintenance tab, each service on the unit's PM Schedule template will be listed. You can modify the date and meter readings when the task was actually last done. This will help to make the maintenance notifications more accurate with regards to task frequency.

You will see columns with the word 'Last' in front of the name. These represent the last time the particular maintenance task was completed. Depending on the tracking parameters set on the PM Schedule Template assigned to the unit, you may see a combination of these columns: Last Service Date, Last Service Mileage, Last Service Hours, and Last Service Fuel.

To edit a value in any of these columns, simply click into the box in the grid. You will be able to choose or type in a new value.

There is no save button on this screen. Simply click the X on the top right to save any changes made. The system will automatically refresh the screens (such as the Home screen and Equipment list) using any newly entered data.

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