Meter Replacements

Odometer readings on equipment are widely used to track maintenance tasks. Using the "Meter Replacements" function allows you to replace a non-functional meter in a piece of equipment, while also accurately updating the 'Last Performed' data for your maintenance tasks.

Record Meter Replacement

To record a Meter Replacement click the Actions button on the equipment list. In the pop-up menu click More and click Record Meter Replacement.

The New Meter Replacement screen will appear.

Here you can choose the Equipment that is getting a meter replacement (this should already be filled in if you used the Action button from the equipment list). Select whether the Primary or Secondary meter is being replaced.

Date - This is the day the meter was replaced.

Current Reading - This is the 'old' odometer reading of the equipment.

Replacement Reading - This is the 'new' odometer reading of the equipment after the replacement.

Description -  Here you can enter any notes or comments about the replacement.

Click the "Save" button when you are done.

If the equipment has maintenance tasks that are tracked by meter, the Last Performed data will automatically update to the appropriate values. For example, if an Oil Change was due in 3,000 miles and the meter was replaced with a brand new one at 0 miles, the Last Performed value for the Oil Change would be -3,000. The negative number will tell the system that even though the odometer is now at 0 that 3,000 more miles need to pass for the Oil Change to become due.

Viewing Meter Replacement History

On the equipment list click the Actions button and click History.

On the History screen click the Meter Replacements tab.

Here you can view all meter replacements performed on the equipment. If one was added in error you can click the red X to delete it.

Click the blue pencil icon to Edit an existing meter replacement entry.

You can also click the  blue +New button to create a new Meter Replacement record from this screen.

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