Job Site Assignment

Although you can organize your equipment into Locations and Categories in the tree or hierarchy to the left of the main Equipment Management screen, there may be occasions when you need to temporarily assign a unit to a Job Site.  The program will allow you to track the start and end date and time of the Job Site Assignment, plus track any expenses which you may wish to attribute to this job.

Create New Job Site

To create a new Job Site click the More button on the top menu and click Jobsite Assignments.

Click on the blue +New button on the top right. Enter the name of the new Job Site and click Save.

Assign Equipment To Job Site

You can sign units into and out of a job site. This will help you to track where the equipment is located.

1) To assign equipment to a Job Site, navigate to the Equipment Management screen by clicking Equipment in the left navigation panel. Click the Action button for the equipment and choose Sign Out.

The Assign Equipment screen will appear.

2) Verify the correct unit of equipment displays, and select Usage as either Job Site, Employee or Customer assignment.  Identify the Job or Employee name.

Note that this system can be used to sign equipment out to an Employee or Customer only, instead of strictly to a Job Site. This feature can be used to see who is using the equipment at any given time.

3) If you are recording a historical entry, enter both the OUT and IN Date, Time, and Meter readings; otherwise, enter only the OUT information for a current assignment.

4) Enter optional details including a Type (Delivery, Rental, Transport, or your custom Type), State, and custom user-defined fields.

5) Note the additional tabs to record Expenses and Notes

6) Once the assignment is complete, click the Action button for the equipment and choose Sign In.

View Job Site Assignment History

To see past and current assignments for equipment click the Action button and click History.

Click the Assignments tab.

Here you can filter the assignment records by date range. Double click a row to pull up the Assign Equipment screen for that record. You can also click the pencil icon on the right to edit the record, or the red X to delete an erroneous record

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