Introduction To Tire Management

Fleet Maintenance Pro includes a Tire Management system. This system can be used to assign tires to equipment and track things such as tire mounts and dismounts, tire maintenance, and tread depths.

To view a list of Tires currently setup in the system click Inventory on the left menu and click on Tires.

One important thing to remember is that this Tires list is separate and independent from your Parts inventory. Parts used to complete Work Orders / Record Mtc (such as a new tire being used to replace an old one) will pull from your Parts Inventory from a specific part number. The Tires list here in the tire management part of the program is NOT included in your Parts inventory. This list is used for tracking purposes only.

Each tire in the Tires list must have a unique serial number for tracking purposes. This is so that the system will know if the tire was dismounted from one vehicle and mounted to another, along with recording the tread depth of the tire if it was rotated to another location on the same equipment.

Tire management is a very powerful and in-depth tracking system. Please review the help articles in this section for more information on how to fully utilize this feature.

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