Managing Tire Inventory

Click on Inventory on the left side and click Tires to bring up the tire inventory list.

Adding New Tires To Inventory

To add a new tire to the list click +New on the top right.

The Add Tire To Inventory window will appear.

Please note that the ID/Serial # on the top left must be unique for each tire in your inventory list.

The ID is the only required field. The other fields are optional. Fill out as much data as you desire and click the blue Save button when done.

If you would like to duplicate a tire in your list, or add multiple tires at the same time, click the down arrow to the right of the +New button for these options.

Editing And Deleting Tires

To edit a tire entry double click the row. You can also click the blue pencil icon in the Actions column on the right.

To delete a tire entry click the Actions button on the right and choose Delete. You can also right click and choose the Delete option.

Please note that deleting a tire will erase ALL tire history for the tire in question.

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