Labor Timer

When adding labor to a Work Order you may wish to track how long the task takes to complete. This is possible with the built-in Labor Timer.

To utilize the labor timer, on the New / Edit Work Order screen click the Actions button to the right of any task within the Maintenance tab.

Choose the option Start Labor.

The Add Labor screen will appear.

Choose the Employee or Vendor that will be working on this task and press the blue Start button.

Once this is done the system will remember the 'start' time of the task. The Work Order status will also switch to In Progress.

Whenever the task has been completed, you can stop the timer by clicking the Action button on the task and choosing Stop Labor.

Tip: If you have multiple people working on the task, you can click Start Labor multiple times to create multiple labor timers.

When Stop Labor is chosen, the labor record will be added to the Labor tab. The amount of time that has passed between Stop and Start will automatically be filled into the Hours column.

If the timer was stopped too soon, and you need to record more time on the task, you can go back to the Maintenance tab, click Actions on the task and choose the Restart Labor option.

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