Part Kits

Within the Inventory system you have the ability to create a Part Kit (Shop Edition only). A Part Kit is a group of individual parts that are all used at the same time. Each part still exists individually in the system, each with their own quantity level.

When adding a Part Kit to a maintenance task the system will notify you if any parts within the kit is out of stock.

As an example, we have setup two separate parts to use in our new part kit.

To create a new Part Kit "group" go to Setup in the top menu and choose Part Kits.

Click the blue New button on the bottom left. Choose a name and click Save.

The new part kit group will appear on the left. Make sure it is highlighted in blue.

Click the blue +New button on the bottom right to add parts to the kit.

The system will ask you for the part numbers you wish to add. In this example we'll be adding the two parts we created earlier.

Click Close on the bottom right when you are done adding parts.

Using Part Kits On Work Orders

When adding tasks to a Work Order (click Add on the bottom of the Maintenance tab to do so) you will see an Add Kit button

Choose the Part Kit on the left and click OK on the bottom right.

All individual part numbers that are part of the "kit" will automatically be added to the part list.

If any parts in the kit have a quantity that is too low to fulfill the kit requirements, the Part Kit selection screen will have a red highlight on the left of the kit name. The On Hand quantity will also show a red number to tell you which part has a quantity that is too low.

If you continue to try and add the Part Kit anyway, you will receive a pop-up message about the low quantity.

You can also add part kits via the Parts tab on the Work Order screen.

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