Service Associations (Shop Edition)

Fleet Maintenance Pro Shop Edition provides the ability for you to associate parts, labor, and service procedure notes with preventive maintenance services. This way, when PM services are due and populated on the work order, the software will also automatically add the associated part entries labor entries, or and procedure notes (also referred to as Instructions) to the PM service.

Service Associations can be used with PM Schedule tasks, or with individual tasks that are directly added to equipment (via the Task Setup screen from the equipment action button)

TIP: Associations can ONLY be created for Templates which have already been assigned to one or more assets.

Adding Service Associations To PM Services

To add a service association to a PM Service we must first get to the PM Template Setup screen. Go to Setup in the top menu and click PM Schedule Templates.

The PM Schedule Templates are listed on the left.  Once selected from this list, the PM services included on the template will display on the right.

Double-click the PM Service to open the edit screen (or click the pencil icon on the right to edit).  As long as the Template has been assigned to at least one unit of equipment, tabs will appear for Parts Labor and Instructions.

Part Associations

To add part associations click the Parts tab on the Edit PM Service screen.

Click on the Add button on the bottom.

In the Equipment drop down box you can choose which assets this association will apply to.

The Service name will automatically be filled in.

Underneath, you can select a part number to associate with the service. You also have the option of adding a Fixed Cost, which populates a cost value onto the maintenance task instead of adding a designated part.

Click Save when finished.

TIP  In addition to any manually created Service Association, Fleet Maintenance Pro will also intuitively suggest additional associations based on previously added parts.

Labor Associations

On the Edit PM Service screen click the Labor tab. Click Add on the bottom.

Select Equipment from the drop down list. You have the option of assigning a laborer or a fixed labor cost to the service.

If you choose to assign a laborer, you can designate an employee or vendor, along with an hourly rate and number of labor hours. Whenever this task gets posted to a Work Order the assigned laborer will automatically be added to the task with the amount of hours entered here.

To confirm the new association click the Save button.

Task Instructions / Procedure Notes

On the Edit PM Service screen click the Instructions tab.

Select the equipment you wish to apply these instructions to in the top drop-down box.

Simply type any special instruction in the text box provided. Click on the Save button when done typing.

The first Save button (the one by itself) will save the text but keep the edit screen open. If you click the Save button on the bottom the Edit PM Service window will be closed and your text will also be saved.

Manage Service Associations

You can manage all associations from a central location by clicking Setup on the top menu and choosing Associations.

On the top left hand side you can select a PM Schedule Template from the drop down menu.

Click on a unit on the left side to highlight it. You can also hold down CTRL or SHIFT if you wish to apply an association to all highlighted equipment.

On the right hand side you will see the same Part, Labor and Instruction tabs that were present when editing individual services.

From this management screen you can click on a tab and Add, Edit, or Delete association entries using the corresponding buttons on the top right.

If you will be adding a large number of associations, or simply wish to see what associations are currently active, this screen will serve as a quick way to do so.

There is no Save button on this screen. Simply closing the window will save any changes.

Note: If you highlight multiple equipment on the left side, any changes made will apply to ALL highlighted equipment.

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