Master & Sub Tasks

In some instances, you will want to include a Master task on your PM Schedule.  For example, you may have a 5,000 Mile Service which includes several individual sub-tasks that should all be performed at that time.  Creating a Master / Sub task relationship will enable you to add a single task to a work order or maintenance record which has been designated as a Master, and all of the Sub tasks will be included.  Note that all of the Sub tasks must recur at the same date or meter interval as the Master.

1. Click Setup |  PM Schedule Templates from the main toolbar, select the desired schedule from the drop-down menu, then click "Add" to add the first maintenance task to the PM Schedule.  The first task is the one which will be designated Master.

2. Click the " Save +" button to add the first Sub task.  Click the "Master" drop-down menu and choose the 5,000 Mile Service.  Note that the Mileage Tracking option turns gray and is disabled; this can no longer be selected, as the tracking interval is governed by the Master task.

3. Click the "  +" button again and continue to add Sub tasks until complete.  The Sub tasks will display in the PM Schedule Setup window as indented below the Master task.

4. When you add the Master task to a Work Order, all Sub tasks will automatically be included as well.

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