PM Forecaster

The Task Forecaster is designed to calculate and report PM services due based on your PM interval data. Scheduled repairs that are due will also be reported.  The PM Forecaster will take you through a series of simple steps and automatically calculate exactly what tasks will be due, and for which equipment.

To access the PM Forecaster click More on the top menu and choose PM Forecaster.

The following screen will be displayed.

1) Select the equipment you wish to include (All, or by Location/Category):

2) Select the Interval, either Date, Meter, or a combination of both:

3) Indicate whether the results should include Due only, Soon Due, or both, or indicate a Date Range. Required means Due/Overdue and Warning means Soon Due.

Note the option to ignore tasks already assigned to a Work Order.

4) Leave all service types to be included, or filter for a specific service or service type:

5) Choose the desired report format for your results, and indicate whether or not Work Orders should be automatically generated:

6) Click "OK" to view your results!

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