Parts Inventory Overview

With Fleet Maintenance Pro Standard Edition, you can record the part cost total applied to any maintenance entry.

The Deluxe Edition expands by offering a Parts Inventory database so that you may store detailed information about each part, and itemize parts used and associated costs on maintenance records.

The Shop Edition is a full-featured inventory tracking system, enabling you to record receipts, track inventory quantities, and receive alerts for low stock.

Separate warehouses may be established to organize your parts via Setup | Warehouses.

Inventory Management Screen

The Inventory Management screen is the primary control center for all parts inventory, fuel, and tires.  The data displays in a grid of rows and columns, and you may customize the data grid display to suit your needs.

Use the collapsible Location tree to filter equipment by Warehouse and/or part Category. If a part has been saved to more than one warehouse, multiple lines will show in the All Warehouses view.

If the location tree is hidden, you can use the drop-down box on the top right to select a specific warehouse to display parts from.

Click on the part number in blue to pull up the Details pane on the right.

You can also use the arrow on the right side to expand the detail pane.

A part row with a red highlight on the left side indicates that the part is at or below its Reorder Point.

Click the New button on the top to add new parts to the system.

Action buttons on the right allow you to Edit, Adjust quantities, view History, Create POs, and more.

Adjust allows you to manually increase or decrease the stock value of your inventory, without using Purchase Orders.  You may also use the Adjust feature to issue parts not associated with a work order or an asset.

Transfer can transfer a quantity of a part to another warehouse

History shows when, and on which equipment, the part has been used.

Create PO will place the selected part on a new Purchase Order. The reorder quantity set in the part's profile will be the quantity listed on the PO.

If a PO is outstanding for the part and the shipment of new parts has been received, you can use the Receive Purchase Order option.

You can Change Category of a part.

When Inventory Tracking is turned on for a part the system will track quantity on hand. When this is disabled the system keeps no record of how much quantity is available. You can use the Enabled Inventory Tracking option to toggle this setting (you will also see a check box on the Edit Part screen for this).

Change Markup allows you to set a markup value which will be applied when adding parts to maintenance records. This option is also available on the Edit Part screen in the Advanced tab.

If the part is marked as 'low stock' (red line on left side of part row) then you can use the Email Notification option to send an email reminder to someone to reorder the part.

Delete will remove ALL instances of the selected part from the software.  Note that you can also remove a warehouse instead of deleting the part altogether. 

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