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Assigning Warehouse To Part
Removing Warehouse Tab

Warehouses re considered physical locations of where your parts are located. All part inventory must belong to at least one warehouse. You can have the same part number in multiple warehouses, with each warehouse having its own quantity level.

Assigning Warehouse To Part

On the bottom of the Add Part or Edit Part screen each warehouse will be represented as a tab.

You can click each tab to edit details of the part in that particular warehouse, such as physical location (represented by aisle / row / bin), primary vendor, and other data.

If you wish to add your part to a new warehouse (add a new warehouse tab to the bottom) click the blue + Assign Warehouse link on the right.

Doing so will present a pop-up asking which warehouse you'd like to add the part to.

Once this is done the new warehouse tab will be added. You can click the Adjust button to immediately add quantity to the part in this warehouse.

Removing Warehouse Tab

If the wrong warehouse was added by accident, you can right click the tab for the warehouse name and choose Remove Warehouse.

Note that the part quantity must be 0 in the warehouse and have no links to it before the system will allow you to remove the warehouse tab.

If you are unable to remove the tab, you will need to use the Transfer option to move all part quantity from one warehouse to another. On the Transfer screen make sure to check 'Transfer All' and click Yes to the prompts (this sometimes needs to be done even if the quantity is 0 if the part has been used from this warehouse before). Afterwards, you will be able to come back to the edit screen and remove the tab in question.

Please refer to the Transfer Parts topic for more information about transferring part quantity.

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