Transfer Parts Between Warehouses

After receiving parts to one of your warehouses, you may need to transfer inventory to a different warehouse. This outlines transferring quantity of the same part number from one physical warehouse to another physical warehouse.

Before starting, you may wish to filter the inventory list by Warehouse. You can use the drop down box on the top right, or location tree on the top left, to filter your list by a specific warehouse. This will help you to determine how much quantity exists for the part in each warehouse before making a transfer.

On the part row click the Actions button on the right hand side and choose Transfer.

The Transfer Part screen will appear.

Choose the Warehouse you wish to move quantity to in the top box.

Enter in the Quantity amount. If you wish to transfer all quantity from one warehouse to another, check the Transfer All option.

Entering a reason is optional. Any notes entered will appear in the stock adjustment history of the part.

Press OK to transfer the quantity.

Transfer All Option

In some cases you may wish to transfer all quantity from one warehouse to another, along with removing the part link to the warehouse as well so that the part number can no longer be pulled up in that warehouse. To do so, you would need to use the Transfer All option. Make sure 'Transfer To' is set as the warehouse you wish to keep a link to.

When you check Transfer All you will get this additional dialog box.

If you wish to remove the warehouse tab from the edit part screen, you must choose YES on this pop-up. If you choose NO, then links will still remain and the warehouse tab cannot be removed from the part edit screen. If you clicked No by accident, you can re-initiate the transfer (checking the same transfer all option) and click Yes the next time around.

Click OK when done to save the changes. Now from the Edit Part screen you can bring up the warehouse tab you wish to remove, right click the tab name and choose the Remove From Warehouse option.

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