Update Physical Inventory

You may occasionally need to perform a physical audit to verify that parts inventory quantities in Fleet Maintenance Pro match actual quantities on hand.

To do so, click the More button on the top menu and choose Physical Inventory Count.

You will be presented with a list of all parts.

In the top row you can click the folder icon to view a list of warehouses to help filter the list.

You can also utilize the Warehouse drop down box.

A search box is provided so you can quickly find a specific part number to update.

You can type in the new quantity numbers in the Action Qty column, highlighted in light blue. The only other editable column is the Notes column on the end.

When you click the Save button the parts will have their quantity updated to match the Actual Qty value.

As an example, lets say the quantity of the part is currently 10. If you enter 5 for actual qty and save, then the system will automatically post an Issuance to subtract the quantity by 5. If the actual qty is 15, then the system will automatically post a Receipt to increase quantity by 5.

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