Part Unit Cost vs Receipt Cost

In some cases you may add a part to a work order and the cost applied will be different from expected.

A part is entered with an initial base price, but the same part may be received from different suppliers at different unit costs, or at a discounted cost when ordered in bulk.

1. When you add a part, there is a field on the Identification tab to enter a Unit Cost (base).  This is the cost which will be applied by default only if there are no inventory receipts for the part (or if tracking is completely disabled for the part and quantity count is not kept).

2. When the part is first created, you have the option to add an Initial Quantity right from this window, in the Warehouse tab on the bottom.

3. The Warehouse tab includes a Type field for your accounting, either FIFO (First In First Out) or LIFO (Last In First Out).  This determines the order in which parts are added to work orders if there are multiple receipts.  You can add manual receipts, or receive new inventory via Purchase Order.

If you are unsure of why a part is posting at a certain price, and you have quantity tracking enabled, viewing a list of stock adjustments may help.

To get to the stock adjustment history go to the Inventory screen, click the Action button on the right and choose History. The first tab will be the Stock Adjustments tab.

You can filter the list by date range using the drop down box.

You will be able to see the date the part receipt was added, along with how much of that particular receipt remains. Each row will have a price associated with it. Based on whether the part is set to FIFO or LIFO on the edit screen will determine if the system pulls from the oldest receipt that still have quantity remaining, or the newest receipt.

If you utilize FIFO (which is the default) then the oldest receipt will be used up first. If you have had the part for some time, the unit receipt cost may be much different than your new receipts. This list will help you determine which receipt is being pulled.

Modify Part Receipt Costs

There is not a way to modify the unit cost of old receipts. However, one way to update the pricing on ALL quantity is to completely issue all of the quantity out (using the Adjust option and choosing Issued from the drop down at the top) and then receive all the quantity at once with a new part receipt cost.

Note that price changes here do not affect parts already used in history on Record Mtc or Work Orders.

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