Purchase Orders Overview

With Fleet Maintenance Pro you can generate Purchase Orders for parts inventory and other items, and monitor receipts of the parts you order.  This allows you to integrate parts inventory usage directly with a Purchase Order system.

Purchase Order forms can be sent directly to your vendor.  The PO form includes many descriptive details so that you can include as much or as little information as you need.

Once generated, Purchase Orders are assigned a status, beginning with Requisition and progressing to Ordered.  In case of an incomplete shipment, you may use Received (partial), and finally Closed for complete fulfillment.   A "Closed" PO is logged in History and the data included in reports generated for historical purposes.

Fleet Maintenance Pro includes a wide variety of built-in reports so that you can print purchase order forms, receipt reports, vendor summaries, and cost summary reports.

Purchase Order Management

The Purchase Order Management screen is the central location used to view and monitor purchase order activity.  Expand the detail panel to revel additional information, and take various actions via the toolbar buttons.

To access the Purchase Order Management screen click Purchasing on the left menu.

Filter by PO Status and by Location with drop-down menus at the top right.

When you click on the plus sign to the left of the purchase order, the associated parts/items for the purchase order will be displayed.

Or you can click to expand the side panel for more detail as you navigate PO records.

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