Add New Purchase Order

To add a new purchase order:

1) Navigate to the Purchase Order Management screen by clicking Purchasing in the left navigation panel, then click the +New PO button;

OR, go to Quick Actions and click Purchase Order.

2) The New Purchase Order screen will be displayed.

If necessary, enter a PO number on the top left (auto-number may be configured in PO Settings) and adjust the Issued date.  These are the only required fields.

Optional additional information includes Due date, Buyer, Vendor, Ship To, and other Miscellaneous details.

3) Begin adding Items to your PO.  Click the Add button, or right-click and Add.

4) Item Types include Work Orders, Inventory (Parts), Fuel, Transport, Rental, Miscellaneous, and Credit.

Select the specific item in question, make adjustments to Quantity and Unit Cost if needed, add Notes, and confirm application of tax rates and/or discount.  Click Save. The part now gets added to the list.

5) The PO Totals area includes the option to enable a PO Discount; when this box is checked, you may select % or Fixed from the drop-down.

Confirm your default Taxes (configured in PO Settings), and apply a Freight cost.

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