Add New Invoice

Invoices can be used to bill outside customers or inter-company departments for a variety of item types, including work orders, parts inventory, fuel, rentals, miscellaneous items, and more.

To add a new invoice, navigate to the Invoice Management screen by clicking Invoices in the left navigation panel, then click the + New button. You can also click the + sign on the Invoices menu item on the left side.

This will bring you to the New Invoice screen.

Invoices numbers will be automatically generated by default (similar to Work Order numbers).

TIP: You can go to Setup | User Preferences | Invoices if you wish to disable automatic invoice numbering.

Click the Add Item button on the bottom left to enter a new item on the Invoice.  

The Notes tab is available for notations which will be hidden from the customer - these won't display on the printed invoice.

Discounts, Taxes, and Freight costs can be assigned in the Totals area on the bottom right.

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