Employee Management

Fleet Maintenance Pro will track employees that operate and/or perform maintenance on your fleet.  Employees can be assigned as drivers and/or technicians that perform work on the equipment.  Each employee defined as a technician can have a labor rate that is used to calculate labor costs when creating work orders.

Many types of employee information can be tracked using Fleet Maintenance Pro.  Some of the information includes driver licensing, personnel information, and contact information.  Driver certifications can also be tracked.

To access the Employee list click Employees on the left menu.

If you wish to add a new employee to the list click the + sign on the left next to the Employees menu item. Or, click the blue +New button on the top right.

Please note that an employee must be listed as a "Technician" type in the Details tab o be assigned to or added as a labor entry for a work order or maintenance entry.

If the Type box is set to anything other than technician then the employee will NOT appear as a labor option for maintenance tasks.

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