Employee Renewals

Fleet Maintenance Pro has the ability to track employee renewals. These can include certifications, licenses, etc. that you wish to track that have an expiration date.

To setup an employee renewal go to the Employee list. Double click on an employee row to get to the edit screen (or click the blue pencil icon on the right to edit).

Click the Renewals tab on the top.

Utilize the Add, Edit and Delete buttons to add new renewals to the list, or to modify existing ones.

Adding A Renewal

Clicking Add will bring up the Add Renewal screen.

You can choose a Name from the drop down, or type in a brand new name into the text box.

Issued is the day the license or certification was issued to the employee.

Expires is the expiration date of the renewal. This is important and used by the system to let you know when a renewal is soon due or overdue.

Notes can be any comments you'd like to save about this entry.

On the bottom of the employee edit screen there is a Renewal Notification drop down. You can click the drop down box to add email contacts to the list. These addresses will be emailed whenever any renewals come due for this employee.

View Due Renewals

You can view a list of due employee renewals on the Home screen.

You can click the blue Update button on each row to modify the expiration date and move it into the future.

In the Employee list, any employee with a due renewal will appear with a red highlight on the left side. You can click the + sign to see what renewals need to be addressed. Clicking the Update button in blue is a quick way of updating the renewal with a new expiration date.

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