Customer Management

The Customer list is used in conjunction with the Invoicing system (billing third-parties for work done) and to track Ownership of equipment assets (if they are not your own).

The Customer database stores information such as name, contact, address, phone number, e-mail, and numerous other data fields.  Customers are available for data entry on the "Add New Equipment" and "Invoice" screens.   Use the "Customers" screen to add, edit, or delete customers.

A quick way to view the entire Customer list is to click Invoices on the left hand side and choose the Customers submenu.

Adding A New Customer

From the Customers screen you can add new customers to the list by clicking the + sign on the left. Or you can click the blue +New button on the top right.

You can fill out as much information on the New Customer screen as you wish. Click Save on the bottom to save the record.

Assigning Ownership Of Equipment

You can assign equipment ownership to a customer. This will need to be done if you wish to generate invoices (billed to third parties, separate from Work Orders) from work completed on the equipment.

On the Edit Equipment screen click the Purchase category on the right.

On the bottom left, set Ownership to Customer.

Directly under the Ownership box you can choose a Customer from the drop down. If the customer does not already exist, click the gray + sign to the right of the box to quickly add a new customer record.

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