Customize Data Grids

Data grids offer you a concise row-and-column display of information.  You may customize the grids to meet your specific needs by selecting which data columns to display, and by rearranging column display order.

To show or hide columns, click the Gear icon on the top right and choose Customize Columns.

A list of columns will appear. Click the check boxes to select the columns to include. The choices will differ depending on the screen you are on.

Moving Column Locations

You can drag and drop column headers to new locations if you desire.

In this example the Type column is being dragged to the right.

The green up and down arrows will let you know where the column will be placed.

If you need to reset the column layout for any reason, click the Gear on the top right and choose Restore Default Layout. You may need to restart the program after clicking the button for the columns to update.

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