User Defined Fields

Fleet Maintenance Pro offers many customizable options so that you can adapt the program to meet your specific needs.

In addition to the pre-defined program fields, many screens include custom user-defined fields so that you may label your own unique fields.

Non-custom fields will be black and  non-clickable. User Defined Custom Fields will have a blue clickable label, as shown in the example below of the Edit Equipment screen:

You can click on the blue link to specify a new field name.

The software allows you to save the custom fields you specify for re-use on NEW equipment records.

On the bottom left of the equipment screen you can check the option 'Save all custom fields as defaults'. Click Save when finished. Any custom fields labels that were setup will appear for any new equipment records.

Tip: If you wish to change the custom field label for multiple equipment at the same time you will need to perform a bulk equipment edit.

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