Bulk Actions / Multi-Select

Various program screens allow you to multi-select records from the data grid.

Click the checkbox in the column header to select all records, or use the check boxes in each row for specific items.

Once this is done, a Bulk Actions option will appear.

Click the Bulk Actions button to show more options. All of these functions will apply to ALL checked/selected rows.

Please note that the Bulk Actions will vary depending on which data grid you are viewing.

Bulk Edit Equipment

You also have the option to edit multiple equipment assets at one time by checking multiple units and choosing Edit in the Bulk Actions menu.

Doing so will present a modified Edit Equipment screen with the title *** MULTI-ASSIGNMENT MODE ***.

Use caution when editing multiple units at once, as widespread changes can be made!

Changing ANY item on this screen will affect ALL units that were selected during the bulk action. Because of this, you will want to be very careful of what you change on this window. For example, if you change the Year value to 2000 and Save, then ALL equipment that was previously selected will have their years changed to 2000.

One common use for the multi-assignment screen is to mass-edit the Custom Field labels. Note that on this screen the labels are replaced with black lines.

Click the line to change the label.

Pressing Save would apply this custom label to ALL units selected for the bulk action.

Note that you only want to change the label. You do not want to type anything into the actual text box on the right (unless you purposely want to overwrite that information for all units selected).

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