Fuel Import Module

The Fuel Import Add-on module gives you the ability to import fuel transactions directly into our software. This is done via processing files that have been exported from your fuel tracking software and then importing the data from this file. If you wish to purchase this module please call us at +1 (888) 449-2405 or email sales@mtcpro.com and let us know you are interested!

Fuel Import Setup

In order to get started, you will need to email us a sample of the import data (you can email this to us at support@mtcpro.com).  The file format must be either .CSV (Comma Separated Values, also known as Comma Delimited) or .TXT (Tab or Position Delimited Text File).  An Excel spreadsheet that is normally saved in .XLS format can be converted to .CSV by using the Save As function.

The Fuel Import Utility can match up the following fields form your data:

   unit #
   total volume consumed
   total cost
   fuel type
   driver (must be in the format LastName, Firstname)
   tank (this is for on-site fuel tanks, and must correspond to the tank name in your fuel inventory)

Please remember, every line in your fuel export has to be linked to an existing vehicle #/ unit # so that our software knows where the fuel transaction is supposed to go. Having a column with the exact unit/vehicle ID is best.  However, if this is not possible, we can link the fuel card number (if it isn't shared by any other vehicles) to one of the Custom Label fields:

Once we receive the fuel export file from you, we'll reply back with any changes that need to be made. Once everything looks good, we will provide some configuration files that will need to be saved to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Fleet Maintenance Pro\ directory.

Once your files are placed in the right spot, you can begin importing fuel records! Go to More at the top menu and choose Import Fuel Transactions:

Click on Browse to choose the .csv or .txt file you want to import and press the Import button.

You will get a pop-up when it's complete that will tell you how many records were updated. If any rows could not be imported for some reason (usually due to rows having non-vehicle data in them) they will show up in the gray box below.

How do I view fuel transactions that have been imported?

From your equipment list click the Actions button on the right and choose History. Clicking on the Fuel tab will show any fuel entries made for the equipment.

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