How Do I Move My Database To A New Computer? - Single User Edition

This article will outline how to move your  Single User data from an old computer to a new computer.

Here are the steps:

  1. On your old computer, go to File and choose Backup. Create a .zip file backup of your database. Save it to a memory stick/backup drive that's easy to access.
  2. On your new computer, download the setup file for Fleet Maintenance Pro. The installation file is called fmpversion_su.exe (for example, fmp2020_su.exe). The 'su' stands for single user. If the file is not available, please refer to your original order email for the download link. You can also email us at with the name the software is licensed to and we'll send you a download link.
  3. When the installation is complete on your new computer, open the software up by right clicking the icon on the desktop and choosing 'Run As Administrator'.
  4. At this point, you should see an equipment list with sample data. We need to register the software now. Go to Help in the top menu and choose Register. Enter your username and product key. Afterwards, close and open the software. It should now be registered.
  5. It's time to load up your data. Copy the .zip file you made from step 1 to the desktop of your new computer. Then, open our software and go to File or Tools at the top menu. Choose the option to Restore:
  6. Click on Browse. Navigate to the desktop and double click the .zip file to select it. Then click the Restore button
    Note: If you do not see a .zip file to restore from, make sure you copied it to the desktop in step 5. You can also browse directly to your backup drive/memory stick and grab the .zip file from there.
  7. Close and re-open the program. You should now see your data here. Check your equipment list, maintenance history, etc, and make sure everything looks right. If it does, then you are good to go!

Additional information which may be useful:

Do I need to get a new registration key for my new computer?
You do not need a new registration key. You can re-use the same user name and serial number that we sent to your email address upon initial purchase. Any keys issued for previous versions will not successfully register. You'll have to purchase an upgrade from us to obtain a valid key.

I put in my user name and serial number in the registration window. However, when I open the software again it still says it's the trial version.
On your desktop, right click the Fleet Maintenance Pro icon and choose "Run as Administrator". Then try to register. The software needs the extra admin rights in order to register the product.

I'm receiving a message saying the program version is out of date. What do I do?
Create a new backup by going to File or Tools | Backup and download the latest update from here: Once the update is installed you shouldn't get this error anymore. 

What do I do with the software on the old computer?
If you are going to reformat or trash the old computer, you don't really need to do anything extra with it. If you would like, you can uninstall our software from Add/Remove programs on the old machine. Be aware, uninstalling will completely delete/wipe the data from that machine. Make sure everything is 100% working on your new computer with your data before doing this, just in case you need to make a new backup from your old machine. You may even want to make another .zip file and save it somewhere else, just in case, before you uninstall. If you uninstall the old software, and find out you're missing things on the new computer, your options will be very limited.

Where is the database stored on the single user edition?
The data is located in C:\ProgramData\IMS\Fleet Maintenance Pro\DATA\.

Is there a way to use the single user edition on more than one computer?
You would need to upgrade to the network version of the software. Contact us at for upgrade pricing.

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