SQL - Unable To Connect To The SQL Database

If you are unable to connect to your SQL database, make sure you have the correct server name entered in the Network Data Path Configuration screen:

Check SQL User Mapping
The users must also be mapped appropriately in order to access the FMP database. This is especially true if your users do not have full admin rights. Here are some things to check on.

First thing we'd like to do is check on the built-in IMS user. It is located under Security | Logins. Right click IMS here and going to properties:

Make sure the properties for the IMS user is set this way for Server Roles:

Make sure the IMS user is mapped properly to the FMP database via User Mapping on the left. Note the two roles on the bottom that need to be checked:

If you are on a Domain network using Active Directory

You can add the individual user accounts to the SQL database login, instead of the active directory group, if you can only connect via Administrator and not by the normal user.

As a last resort, you can disable Windows Authentication on the Network Data Path screen whenever it times out. This will default to our IMS user when logging into SQL. To do this, the SQL database has to be in mixed mode for authentication as shown below:

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