Add Tire Cost to Work Order

Tire costs in Fleet Maintenance Pro are handled differently from costs for parts inventory.  Due to the fact that tires may be dismounted and transferred to other vehicles, you will not always want to associate a cost with a tire mounting service.  If you do wish to apply a cost to a tire service, you can do this several ways.

Before creating a work order for a tire service, make sure that you have added the tire to inventory and set up the vehicle information with the appropriate tire axles.

1. Go to Inventory > Tire Inventory and click the "Add" button to add the tire to inventory.

2. Double-click the Unit # in Fleet Manager, click on the "Tires" tab, enter the number of axles, and click "Save."

2. With the Unit selected in Fleet Manager, click the "Issue WO" button.

3. Click the "Add" button to add a Maintenance Task.

4. Select the "Repair" radio button and choose a Tire service from the drop-down menu, or enter a new name, for example "Tire Mount."  Note that entering any Preventive or Repair task which includes the word "Tire" will cause the "Tire Assignment" button to appear.

5. Click the "Tire Assignment" button, then drag-and-drop the tire from inventory onto the correct position on the tire diagram.  This will bring up the "Add Tire History" window.  Enter the tire cost, then click "Save."  (If you do not wish to use the Tire Assignment feature, you can simply enter a Parts Cost value int the box shown above and save.  )

6. Add any other tires to the correct position on the diagram, or finish by clicking "Save."

7. Add any labor cost and click "Save."

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