Importing Report Templates

At times, a report template file will be generated by us in order to fix or modify a report. Here are instructions on how to import that report file into your software.

Replacing An Existing Report With A New Template

Follow these steps to replace an existing report in your system with a new report template that we've generated for you.

1. Please make a backup of your database first as a precaution (File | Backup | You can save the .zip backup file wherever you wish).

2. You should have received an email from us with one or more .RTM files attached. Download the attached .RTM files, but do not try to open them. Just save them somewhere easy to locate, like your Desktop.

3. On the left hand side, click on Reports to open the Report window.

4. Choose the category and report that you wish to replace. In this example, we will be replacing the Work Orders (Outstanding) report, so we are highlighting it so that it previews.

5. Right click on the report name on the left and chose Load From File. Please make sure you right click the correct file as it's easy to accidentally replace the wrong report.

6. Click Yes on the "Are you sure you wish to replace this report?" message.

7. Browse to the .RTM report file that you saved earlier from step 2. Highlight the file and click Open on the bottom. Note: If you have multiple .RTM files saved, make sure to choose the correct one.

8. Your report should now be loaded. Test it out and preview it. Make sure it looks good before importing any other templates you may have.

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