Edit Custom Labels - All Units

The equipment information includes multiple custom fields for data which does not fall neatly into one of the pre-defined data fields.  The labels for these fields may read "Click To Define" and they turn red when you hover your mouse over them, indicating that they can be changed.

You can "multi-select" multiple units and edit all custom labels at once.

1. From the main Equipment Listing, hold your Control key and click the letter "A" to select all -- all units will turn blue indicating they are selected.  (Alternatively, you can hold control and click the specific units you wish to change.)

2. Click the Edit button at the bottom of the window.

3. The Multi-Assignment Mode window will open.  Click your mouse in the area of the label you wish to change and type the new label

* Make sure you click in the area for the LABEL, and not in the area for the value to be stored, as this entry will apply to all assets!

4. Click Save

Then, you can apply the label to all NEW units added as follows:

1. Double-click to edit any unit containing the desired custom labels, or select the unit and click the Edit button

2. Check the box in the lower left corner to " Save Custom Labels As Default"

3. Click Save.  When you click Add to create a new unit, the custom labels will be in place.

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