Move Single User Version

  1. Generate a database backup on the OLD computer by going to File > Backup Data Files. This creates a single .ZIP file which you can save to your desktop, then transfer to external media such as a flash drive.  Close the application on the OLD computer.
  2. Copy the backup .ZIP to the NEW computer.
  3. Prepare the new computer for installation:
    1. Temporarily disable any anti-virus software
    2. Create Windows firewall rules as shown HERE
  4. Install the software on the new computer.  Always use the most current build of your purchased version of the software, which is available for download from our website.
  5. Register the software with your user name and serial number.  Note that you may need to right-click the program icon and choose "Run As Administrator" in order to have the necessary permissions to update your Windows registry.
  6. The program opens to the SAMPLE database.  Go to File > Restore data files and browse to the backup file you created in Step 1 and moved to the new computer in Step 2.
  7. Once you have verified that you can access the most current data,  you may uninstall the software from the old computer.

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