Move Server Version

Here are the instructions for moving the server version of the software, and the database, to a new server:
  1. Close the program on all but ONE client.
  2. Go to File > Backup Data Files and create a backup. Save the .ZIP file to your desktop, then copy it to external media such as a flash drive, or to a shared network location.  As an added precaution, you can also copy the data directory FMP_DATA on the server.
  3. Uninstall the server version from the OLD server.
  4. Prepare the NEW server for installation:
    1. Temporarily disable any anti-virus software
    2. Create Windows firewall rules as shown HERE
    3. Make a note of the server's Host Name or IP Address
  5. Download the current network installer for your version of the software. Normally this would be found via an email download link we sent you upon purchase. You can also email us at to ask for a download link specific to your installed version. Note: Do not use the download trial buttons on the website, as these are just single user versions and will not work with your network version.
  6. Install either the Server Only or Client-Server version on the new server, depending on whether you will also run the application from this machine.
  7. Open the program on the clients. They will ask where the database is. Enter in the Host Name or IP Address of the new server.
  8. Verify that the clients can view the sample database, then close the program on all but ONE client.
  9. Copy the .ZIP file from Step 2 onto the desktop of this client.  Go to File > Restore Data Files and browse to the .ZIP.  (Note that you cannot restore directly from removable media such as a flash drive; first transfer the .ZIP file to the desktop in Step 3)

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