Managing Tasks

To manage tasks for an individual piece of equipment click on the Action button on the right and choose Task Setup.

The Tasks window will appear.

On the top you will find three tabs, Preventive Maintenance, Repair Requests and Renewals.

Preventive Maintenance

These are tasks that are part of the equipment's normal maintenance routine. If the equipment is assigned to a PM Schedule then tasks from that schedule will automatically appear here. 

You can also click on the Add button on the bottom to add a new task that's specific to this unit only. Edit will allow you to make changes to PM services that are not attached to a PM Schedule Template.

If you wish to modify any tasks that are attached to a template, click the PM Schedule Templates button on the bottom right. This will give you a list of templates and allow you to edit those template tasks. More information about setting up and using PM Schedule Templates can be found here.

Repair Requests

Clicking on this tab will show all pending repair requests for the unit. You can add, edit, and delete repair requests as necessary. Click here for more information about creating repair requests.


Here you can add renewals/expirations to the unit. Some examples of renewals would be motor vehicle registrations and inspections. Click here for information about setting up renewals.

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