Equipment Actions

You can perform a number of 'actions' on equipment listed on your Equipment Management screen. To get to the action list, right click any row or click on the Action button on the right hand side as shown here:

Here is an explanation of each action:

Issue WO
Create a Work Order for this unit. The Work Order can be empty or contain PM Services and/or pending Repair Requests.

Repair Request
Create a repair request for the unit. Repair requests are tasks that need to be done outside of the unit's normal preventive maintenance tasks.

Record Inspection
Fill out an inspection checklist which is derived from the PM Schedule attached to the unit. Each PM Schedule can have an inspection checklist assigned to it.

Record Fuel
Add a fuel transaction to the unit's history. The fuel costs will get calculated on reports.

Record Expense
Add a general expense to the unit's history. This is mainly used for miscellaneous items such as car washes or costs not normally classified under maintenance.

Sign Out / Sign In
This allows you to check in/out an equipment to an employee or job site.

Here you can find a list of maintenance previously completed on the unit. You can also find previously completed inspection records, fuel transactions, recorded expenses, etc.

Task Setup
View Preventive Maintenance Tasks, Repair Requests and Renewals that are assigned to the unit.

Last PM Setup
This shows the last time PM Services were completed for the unit, along with any meter readings. Upcoming maintenance is based on these values.

New (duplicate)
Create a duplicate piece of equipment. Useful if you need to make more units in the system that are of a similar type.

Permanently remove the unit from the system. There is no undo-button for this.

Under the More menu:

Record Accident
Add an accident entry for the unit. This is stored in the equipment's History to view at a later time.

Record Fluid Usage
This can be used to record misc fluids that are not counted as Fuel. For example, you can record washer fluid or transmission fluid usage here.

Record Meter Replacement
If the equipment has received a new odometer cluster you would use this option. 

Assign Tires
If you are using the Tire Management portion of the software you can assign individual tires to the unit.

View equipment parts
This will display a list of parts that are assigned to this unit for maintenance tasks.

On the top right of the equipment screen there is an Update Meters button. You can use this to update the odometer readings of your units.

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